In addition to their intended use as a means of payment, many credit cards offer additional services such as insurance, service or discounts. Some credit card providers also advertise with a special candy: the tank discount for motorcyclists and drivers. This is particularly worthwhile for frequent travelers such as commuters or travelers who often travel long distances.

But in which cases does the credit card with a tank discount really make sense for tankers and which aspects should you take into account? 

Weigh up costs and benefits

Weigh up costs and benefits

The word tank discount triggers the association for many: I can save a lot here. However, whether this is actually the case always depends on the individual case. Therefore, you should always check in advance whether such a credit card is worthwhile. Credit card issuers grant discounts of one percent (Agree Bank 1 plus Visa Card) to three percent (LBB gold card double).

Important: You should always include the annual fees, conditions and upper limits in your invoice. The financial advantage for motorists is then relatively quickly relativized. Before you prematurely sign a credit card application with a tank discount of three percent, you should use the credit card comparison from

Think about whether and which credit card with fuel discount is worthwhile for you. Because the credit card issuers can also calculate and cover, for example, the possible fuel discount on certain amounts. Result: The total discount does not exceed the annual credit card fee. In this case, the motorist can at best enjoy a free credit card at the end of the year.

  • Example: With a basic card fee of 60 USD and a discount of two percent, you should refuel for at least 4,000 USD per year to get into the profitable area (example calculation: 80 USD discount minus 60 USD fee = 20 USD plus). If you are a Sunday or occasional driver and there are only fuel costs of 2,000 USD, the credit card with a fuel discount is unsuitable (example calculation: 40 USD discount minus 60 USD fee = minus 20 USD). In this case, it is better to opt for a free credit card.

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Credit cards with fuel discount

Credit cards with fuel discount

1 plus VISA card

Agree Bank’s 1 Plus Visa card offers a one percent discount on all petrol station sales up to a maximum of USD 400 per month. This means: You save a maximum of 48 USD per year – but the credit card is free of charge. You can also withdraw cash free of charge at home and abroad and receive a five percent refund on your travel bookings from the contractual partner.

Save Good Finance credit card with package

Membership of the Good Finance is a prerequisite for the Good Finance credit card with package savings. The credit card is completely free in the first year and costs 4.90 USD per month from the second year (annual fee of 58.80 USD). You will receive a discount of two percent on all petrol station sales and on all Good Finance e-Charge charging sales (prerequisite: the Good Finance credit card must be stored in the EnBW mobility + app as a means of payment) up to 1,800 USD per calendar year (exception: at supermarkets or hardware stores) attached petrol stations).

This corresponds to a maximum tank discount of 36 USD per year. You can get further discounts of up to ten percent on car rental bookings and also benefit from cashback on online purchases. Depending on consumer behavior, the bottom line is that the bottom line can also be turned positive from the second year of use of the card.

Best LenderChrome Card from Agree Bank

Rockers also have to fill up – and pay. The Best Lender credit card costs 25 USD a year and offers a one percent discount on a maximum of 400 petrol station sales per month. The logo of the iconic motorcycle brand adorns this credit card – but that alone costs the owner 25 USD, because the other services are identical to those of the Agree Bank 1 Plus Visa Card.

LBB credit card double / LBB gold card double

With the LBB credit card double from Cream bank Berlin, you get a two percent discount on petrol station sales of up to 2,500 USD per year. For an annual fee of 44 USD you get a double credit card from Visa card and Mastercard to get a higher coverage. The bottom line is that if you exploit sales, you save six USD. The cards can be used worldwide and you also benefit from a seven percent discount on travel bookings through the cooperation partner.

With the LBB gold card double, the tank discount increases to three percent, but also the annual fee to 99 USD. In addition to the travel discount, the gold cards also include a bonus program, international health insurance, travel accident insurance and travel cancellation insurance (the latter depending on the use of the card) and reimbursement of seat reservation costs. There is also a comprehensive “Assistance Service” including trip cancellation, which is valid regardless of the card used.

With both models, customers can withdraw money worldwide free of charge, provided the credit cards are deposited with credit.

Alternatives to the credit card with tank discount

Alternatives to the credit card with tank discount

Credit cards with payback

  • Credit cards with payback

  • Free credit cards

Another topic is credit cards with a payback program. Payback is practically built in here. With every purchase you can benefit from Germany’s large bonus system.

How it works: When refueling, for example, pay with the “PAYBACK Visa”. If you have collected enough points, you can redeem the points in one of numerous prizes, in shopping vouchers, in Miles and More miles and so on. Attention: With the “PAYBACK Good Finance” petrol station sales are excluded.

The tank discount is a driving force of the credit card issuers – just like travel cancellation insurance or another bonus program. It remains to be seen whether the consumer actually benefits from it. However, what is actually worthwhile is the use of a free credit card – with or without a bank account: There are credit cards with no annual basic fee. These cards serve the same purpose as an expensive card. But free credit cards can also incur costs. For example, if you withdraw cash from an ATM or use the card outside the USD zone. Of course, you have to pay for overdraft interest.

A recommended credit card is, for example, the DKB Visa Card: you get the credit card when you close a DKB cash account. Credit balances of up to USD 100,000 earn 0.01 percent per year. You can also withdraw money free of charge from around one million ATMs worldwide. The Lite Bank GenialCard Visa or the Agree Bank 1 Plus Visa Card are also free credit cards with free cash supply worldwide, travel discounts and a bonus program or fuel discount.

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